left_bank (left_bank) wrote,

Classical music.

I have been interesting in different kinds of art from that moment I have been knowing myself. So I'm interested in art, music, literature. It seems to me that it is a way to the spirituality. I am a christian and I am a member of the christian church, but art is inspired me too. For example I have spent the years to understand art, different pictures, and so the literature as well. It's rather hard to read William Folkner or Franz Kafka or the novels of other modernists of 20th century. It's rather hard, but it is really interesting and absolutely exciting.
By the way I have a problem. I don't understand classical music. It is awful. I take an excuse for myself, that it is possibly not to understand music. For example, my favorite writer Vladimir Nabokov didn't like music and hated it. What he could have listened, that was something noisy and nothing more. He told that he was geting sick and dizzy, and diharea from clasical music. I have spent time trying to understand classical music as much as for art and literature but I haven't reached the success. I love jazz and rock'n'roll, maybe this music is like a block in my ears for the classical music. I don't know.

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