A short story.

Yesterday I was in our park near to my house and it's sad to see so absolutely naked trees there. The autumn is up, but winter is not still coming. So that's a such season. In summer I can't see through the trees because thick leaves of tree branches don't allow me such a business. The same thing it happens in winter, certainly not because of leaves, but because of thick snow, which is everywhere in the park, so on the trees too. I'm waiting for the winter, for snow. I'm missing about it. 

Diary. 5 May.

The resistance is my word. Really and exactly. Even here in lj there is not a line of English words, so t9, that should be help me for writing. I have to remember all the words how they have to be written. It's diffucult. And every day is like a challenge. I should be strong because a danger is everything.

Diary. The second day.

I used to learn Spanish on Duolingo during 558 days. Then at once I missed two days over and so my days were fired.
I need to write and I need to talk. Earlier I used to do it on Facebook, but my ban there...
I don't know what is better: hanging around on Facebook and waste time by such the way or suffering of being without talking. It's a problem.

My diary.

I was baned at Facebook in the end of April. I used to type there smth everyday and chat about all I see, read, watch. So I lived at Facebook. It's my drug. By the way I'm glad I'm baned there. It's time to make up my mind and maybe to do upgrade.
I want to use livejournal in two ways: as a diary, because I need to write and express my thaughts and as a way of writing in English, so as a tool of learning English. Let's see how long I could keep such a life. My ban ends on 29 May but I don't want to come back there.

Around Facebook.

The staff of Facebook decided to rebrand the social net. I read smth about it, but it's interesting how it will be shown in reality. Not common stream, but a private space, as I understand. What do you think about it?

Tom Waits.

I love Tom. I love his music more than his work in cinema, but his last play in the Cohen's movie was certainly great. I can't tell exactly which Tom's album the best is, but my favorite song is the Tambourine's song or so called Walzing Matilda. Yes, I know Tom didn't create this song and many singers performed this one, but singing of Tom I like best.

Short story is a best story.

We were walking today with my family, so me, my wife and my daughter. It was the really first warm day after the winter and we decided to go for a walk. I love such our trips together across the parks, streats and boulevards. The main sight we saw today was the tree with some nests above it. It was the main sign of spring. The lovely sign.

The spring is coming.

The day was beginning as my the worst day in March. Ii was snowing and it was wet all around outside. In addition I should say we have lived the same March in general, the whole month. So I'm waiting for the sun and for the spring, I haven't seen the warm days for seven months at least. Hope, the spring is coming. Peace to everything.

In English.

Eight years ago I left LiveJournal and joined to Facebook. Just now I feel a wish to come back in LJ, but only in English. Writing here is a good experience to think and write in English. I see there are a lot of sites to practice in English much better than LJ, but I miss a bit about LJ, so I decided to begin writing here. Let's try, let's talk. :)


They came as slaves: human cargo transported on British ships bound for the Americas.

I read it in Russian and we once discussed it with my friends. First of all it was enjoyable that we were reading and discussing the same article: in the USA and in Russia. :) I'd like to notice about the picture: this is a picture of French revolution, not of Irish slavery. The author illustraits his article with the different picture.
And I'd like also to notice that slavery wasn't in Russia. We had feudalism, not slavery. Feudalism is a sort of slavery of course but not the same one. That's why Russians often means that slavery is the trouble of Europe, not of Russia.